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Cold Formed Aluminum Specimen Mount for the Scientific Industry

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Aluminum Specimen Mount
Aluminum Specimen Mount

At Skach Manufacturing Company, we are often able to provide customers with a low cost alternative to the screw machine process. The part shown is used in the scientific and medical industry. This stud was originally manufactured using a screw machine process. A large amount of aluminum waste was generated due to the difference between the head and the shank diameters. Skach designed a cold forming process that uses a multi-station heading machine to form the blank. This process eliminated the bulk of the waste material and met the tight screw machine tolerances.

A secondary grooving (trim) operation was required to complete the stud. The stud is finished in a tumbling operation to provide a uniform finish on the surface of the head. All production operations including tooling were performed in-house. In-house capability means quick response to any part design or production schedule changes.

If you have a part with large differences in diameters, contact Skach directly to learn more about reducing costly material waste.

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Specimen Mount Project Highlights

Project Description
Cold Forming conversion of a screw machine part with a secondary Shaving operation.
Capabilities & Processes
Cold Forming, Extruding, and Shaving
Manufacturing Equipment
2 Die – 3 Blow Cold Former
Secondary Shaving Machine
Overall Part Dimensions
Shank Diameter: .125”
Head Diameter: .500”
Groove Diameter: .375"
Overall Length: .437”
Critical Tolerances
Down to .001”
5056 Aluminum
Tumbled and Burnished Bright
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